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This price is all inclusive (incl. VAT). R1,895 for the whole process of removing your criminal record and R295 for a recent Clearance Certificate (optional extra if you don't have one). Time is critical- We obtain high-speed LCRC clearance certificates, fully approved by the Department of Justice for Fresh Start Law Centre, in record time (within 5-10 days at most).

We specialize in South African record clearing laws, and our knowledge and expertise in this area allows us to not only provide specialized expert record clearing legal services but to offer these services at the absolute lowest fixed prices. Your Dedicated Account Manager will work on your application from start to finish, which will optimize your chance at successfully getting your record cleaned up.

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(Including: Police Clearance Certificates, Presidential Pardons, Admission of Guilt removals & Withdrawn Case removals)

No Hidden Fees, No Games

Beware of any law firm that has hidden fees (example: processing fees, hearing fees, etc.). We are the only criminal expungement firm that offers fixed low pricing, meaning everything is included in our pricing. There will never be any hidden fees or surprises down the road with us. Our single low price covers everything from start to finish, period. The thing about hidden fees, is they seem to just keep popping up.

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We don't want to waste your time, so before you spend your hard earned money with us, we provide you with a secure online anonymous assessment to determine if you qualify.


Starter Pack Apply Online Now >>
Not sure if you have a criminal record or specific details? Can't afford the full expungement option but would like us to start working on your application?

This option will enable us to perform a criminal check on your name (Clearance Certificate) obtained from the SAPS. This information will provide you and your Dedicated Account Manager with all the information we need to determine exactly what criminal convictions are on your name, and determine if you are eligible to have them removed. This option is also suited for customers who can't afford the full expungement package right now but want to start the application process with us.

This is a no-obligation-to-continue option. After this process, and if you are eligible to have your criminal record removed, all that will be required is a further R1,800 payment (as we'll have all the supporting documentation and you'll have R95 in free credit).

Includes: Clearance Certificate, Dedicated Account Manager and R95 free credit.

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Job Seekers Recommendation Pack Apply Online Now >>
Currently not eligible for the removal of your criminal record? Struggling to secure employment? Can't get that well deserved promotion?

This recommendation pack drastically improves your chances at securing employment or getting that promotion.

With recruitment agencies or employers only spending a minimal amount of time and money on determining if you have a criminal record, the specifics of your minor offence(s) are not obtained and the circumstances are ignored. Often, the only difference between you and the person interviewing you is that you were caught.
The Job Seekers Recommendation Pack offered by Fresh Start Law Centre combats this problem.

Being open and honest about your criminal record is one thing.
Having the right official documentation to show that this was a minor offence and will be removed off your name in the future, is what makes the difference.

This is a no-obligation-to-continue option and you'll receive R95 free credit to use in future for any Fresh Start Law Centre product.

Includes: Clearance Certificate, Dedicated Account Manager, Signed Confirmation Letter and R95 free credit.

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Do I qualify?
This price is all inclusive. This includes all filling fees with the Department of Justice, processing fees, and our consultant fees. We guarantee that there will never be any hidden costs or fees down the road. This process takes 12 weeks or less.

Includes: Dedicated Account Manager, Signed Confirmation Letter and a Certificate of Expungement from the SAPS-CRC in Pretoria.

Optional Extra: A recent clearance certificate is required as part of the documents submitted to the Department of Justice when applying for the removal of your criminal record. This price excludes our cost (R295) for obtaining one your behalf (as some customers already have one).

A clearance certificate is a criminal record check against your name obtained from the SAPS. Before we can submit an application to the Department of Justice to remove your criminal record we need a recent police clearance certificate (not older than 3 months).
fast.pngTime is critical- We obtain high-speed LCRC clearance certificates, fully approved by the Department of Justice for Fresh Start Law Centre, in record time (within 5-10 days at most).
If you've already applied for a police clearance certificate we recommend you include this product as not to delay the removal of your criminal record. A previous application will not impact a new application.

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Additional Services:

Official Police Clearance Certificate @ R485 (takes 14-28 days)
Includes secure courier to and from the Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria and monitoring of your application. Approved for use internationally.
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Urgent Priority Available
For clients that require urgent priority for their Expungement application and/or Police Clearance Certificate to drastically reduce the standard timeline. Price available on request and subject to providing suitable motivation (e.g. Visa Application, Pending Job Offer).
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Call-Out @ R450 (takes 1-2 days)
A certified Fresh Start Law Centre fingerprint technician will discreetly visit your home or office to assist in completing the documentation and to obtain your fingerprints using ink-less technology (available in JHB, PTA, CPT and DBN).
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Apostille - DIRCO @ R695 (takes 10-14 days)
Consular Notarial Services (Legalisation of Official (Public) Documents for International Use).
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Removal of Case Awaiting Trial record for Withdrawn Cases @ 2,190 (takes 30-60 days)
(We are the only company in South Africa that can successfully assist in these cases)
For clients with a case awaiting trial on their criminal record. If the case has been withdrawn we will have this removed and update your criminal record to show no convictions. Includes High-Speed LCRC Police Clearance Certificate, Dedicated Account Manager and a signed confirmation letter.
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Removal of Admission of Guilt Case @ R2,190 (takes 30-60 days)
For clients who were not aware that admission of guilt would result in a criminal record. Includes High-Speed LCRC Police Clearance Certificate, Pre-Trial Investigation, Legal Assessment, Dedicated Attorney and a signed confirmation letter. This service retrieves your case files to determine your eligibility and excludes high court representation should you wish to proceed (with an additional cost of R9,500 to R14,500 - depending on case complexity).
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Presidential Pardon @ R5,500 (takes 6-18 months)
For clients with a serious criminal record that is older than 10 years but received a direct prison sentence or a fine exceeding R20,000. Includes a Dedicated Account Manager and a signed confirmation letter.
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Compare The Competition

The below table compares Fresh Start Law Centre's costs with that of four other firms offering the same service (note this includes the cost of applying for a Clearance Certificate, which we do in 5-10 days)

   Company A    Company B    Company C    Company D    Fresh Start Law Centre
R3,000 R7,500 R2,500 R2,850 R2,190


Source: The law and the business of criminal record expungement in South Africa

ajax-loader.gifGood to know...
In rare cases expungement applications need to be referred to the high court for final decision. Fresh Start Law Centre covers these costs completely therefore there is really no hidden costs further down the road:)

Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee that we have the absolute lowest fixed prices anywhere. Fixed price means that there will never be any surprise costs down the road, as everything is included in the price stated, including application costs and processing fees. If you find a lower advertised price by another firm anywhere (in South Africa) we will match the price and beat it by 5%. (view our 105% low price guarantee)

Don't be fooled by other law firms that make statements like "you get what you pay for" which are aimed at making you believe you need to spend a bunch of money to get successful record clearing results. They are just trying to justify their high legal fees. The fact is that we are one of the few firms in South Africa that specialize in South African record clearing law, and since we handle so many similar cases we are able to pool our resources allowing us to provide top notch record clearing legal services at the absolute lowest prices. To find out more about our firm visit our about us page.

Why An Expungement Firm Is Essential

The South African expungement process is a complex legal process. It is not only essential that the appropriate documents are filed properly, but that the many legal intricacies are thoroughly addressed in the appropriate manner, otherwise it is highly likely that your expungement application will be denied by the Department of Justice. Fresh Start Law Centre is one of the only few law firms in South Africa to concentrate completely on record clearing laws, and our expertise will optimize your chances at a successful expungement process.