Learn how to select the right expungement firm

25 June 2018 - By Fresh Start Law Centre [Updated]

Over the last few months there has been a marked increase in the number of firms advertising expungement services to the unsuspecting. These fly-by-night websites continue until the going gets complicated, then they start a new website [continue reading...]


Photo: Fresh Start Soccer Team from Bishop Lavis

FSLC Community Outreach Program

04 Mar 2018 - By Fresh Start Law Centre

In collaboration with Cape Town & Pinelands SAPS, Fresh Start Law Centre is a proud official sponsor of the Battle of the Schools soccer program which kicked off in Pinelands, Cape Town last week helping underprivileged children throughout Cape Town. [continue reading...]


Introducing the new FSLC call-out fleet

06 Feb 2018 - By Fresh Start Law Centre

Fresh Start Law Centre is proud to introduce the new call-out and marketing fleet in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban to compliment its extensive network of field agents within the whole of South Africa. [continue reading...]


Looking for a job when you have a criminal record

26 Jan 2018 - By Vincent Phahlane [News24]

HAVING a criminal record can destroy your chances of getting employed if you don't have a job. You could also miss out on a lot of opportunities in other areas of your life. From the job application process right through to the final interview stages, landing a job will not be a walk in the park as employers are cautious about whom they hire. [continue reading...]


Introducing our new "Best Choice" Guarantee

25 November 2017 - By Fresh Start Law Centre

In a bold move Fresh Start Law Centre has introduced its "Best Choice" Guarantee on all products and services- In an effort to convince the public that Fresh Start Law Centre is the only choice when clearing a criminal record. [continue reading...]


Be Prepared - and Honest - for a New Job in 2018

06 November 2017 - By Fresh Start Law Centre

While many South Africans see the New Year as the perfect time to look for a job, temptation to throw a few exaggerations - and lies - into your resume in order to stand out from all other applicants may be at an all-time high [continue reading...]