Older Testimonials
(Before March 2016)

10 Aug 2015

Thank you Freshstart for helping me to change my life I'm so excited thank Jane you help me a lot thank you again Freshstart


2 June 2015

I just want to thank you for your great work and effort, much appreciated. I can get on with my life now...

Eastern Cape

13 May 2015


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


23 April 2015

Look, if it wasn't for the Post Office strike, leaving my papers stuck for months, I'm sure my expungement would have been finalised in the allocated time, but I'm still more than happy with the service I received at Fresh Start.  I was updated regularly and even offered an alternative way to speed up my clearance certificate when the Post Office was striking.  Jane Schroeder is an angel!!  I'm sure she's only doing what is expected of her, but considering the life changing effect this has on a person, it sure feels like she's a fairy with a magic wand.  Thank you again, Jane, and everyone else at Fresh Start that worked towards my new freedom!!


20 April 2015

Congratulations to Fresh Start Law Centre for the efficient and professional manner in which they successfully conducted my application for the Expungement of my Criminal Record.I recommend this Company to anyone who is considering applying for the Expungement of your Criminal Record


6 Feb 2015

To whom it may concern I would like to compliment Jane Schroeder on her exceptional service ! I sent and email this morning and within the hour Jane contacted me ! She gave me sound professional advise and gave me precise and valuable feedback . Not only was she extremely professional but gave all the relevant info and treat my concerns as though they were her own ! She is truly a gem and I would highly recommend your services . Thank you Jane people like you are hard to come by and you are a true asset to your company !-

- Val

21 Jan 2015

To put this in context I most probably need to explain my experience with another law firm. I initially engaged a small law firm in JHB to get a 15 year old admission of guilt expunged. I had an initial consultation with them were a R10k upfront payment was requested and the message that it should not exceed this cost. A few months after the consultation I sent a few follow up emails with at times waiting two weeks for a response. The one response was that we need a further R15k by close of business to progress the expungement. This naturally caught me off guard. I ceased using their services after settling the outstanding invoices. I naturally disputed the expected cost now going up to R25k from the initial R10k, the response was we said it 'should' not be more than R10k. In my opinion there is a big difference between R10k and R25k when this was a standard routine expungement. I received copies of the invoices. The other company's charges on the invoices were unbelievable e.g R700 for telephone call to record centre to confirm receipt of package, R130 every time I sent an email to them and then of course I charge for the response with one  being R2,650 and then there must be a routine review of the file which was R500 and of course more than one review. The end result was close to R15k spent and all I received was my initial police clearance certificate and then I had to send a courier to go collect my file. I wanted to refer this to the law society because in my opinion there are a few questions to be answered but thought I would just be causing trouble for myself.
Unfortunately, it was only at this stage that I found Fresh Start Law Centre and all I can say is thank goodness and thanks very much. The whole process cost me a fraction of the cost, the costs were transparent and fixed from the start so there were never any surprises. Jane responded to all my queries on the same day and again at no extra cost. My charge has been expunged and in the time frame communicated during the process. In my view there may be some firms out there who are seeing this as a money making opportunity and over playing it, don't go through the pain which I went through. In my opinion Fresh Start Law Centre could not have given me a better result, totally transparent, responsive and of course very cost effective - think twice before engaging some one else because this cost me a small fortune for no result and only a nightmare.

- Peter

18 Jan 2015

Hi, My name is Nomsa I am so excited to say that I have a clean record and Thanks to Fresh start, when I started the journey I must say I was sceptic because of their low fees but I still did it telling myself that I have more to gain as we went along, I was impresed with the way Jane handled my case, she kept me up to date with what was happening then I knew i was on track. Today Voila I have a clean record THANK YOU FRESH START

- Nomsa, Gauteng