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There is no reason to let your criminal past hold you back any further. There are new laws in South Africa that allow people like you, who are trying to move forward in a positive way, to expunge their criminal records. Once your past convictions are expunged you can honestly state that you have never been convicted of a crime. Furthermore, your expunged convictions will not display on any background check that is done on you, making you much more marketable in this tough job market. Forgot your past. Embrace YOUR future today! Start Here >>

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Fresh Start Law Centre is one of the only few firms in South Africa to focus solely on criminal expungement laws. This dedication allows us to not only provide you with top notch expungement legal services, but to provide these services at the absolute lowest fixed prices. From the second you sign up for one of our record clearing services you will work closely with a knowledgeable and experienced consultant, who will be there for you every step of the way. Meet Our Firm >>

faq_small.pngSouth African Criminal Expungement 101

There is no doubt that the expungement laws in South Africa can be confusing and convoluted. Our goal here at Fresh Start Law Centre in building this website was to provide a one stop resource for South African expungement information. As you browse through the site you will find a wealth of knowledge about what exactly expungement is, what the process of expungement entails, and whether your particular situation is eligible for expungement relief. We have put a starter page together that gives an overview of expungement in South Africa, and this is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the expungement process in South Africa. South African Criminal Expungement 101 >>

make-it-easy.jpgWhy An Expungement Firm Is Essential

The South African expungement process is a complex legal process. It is not only essential that the appropriate documents are filed properly, but that the many legal intricacies are thoroughly addressed in the appropriate manner, otherwise it is highly likely that your expungement application will be denied by the Department of Justice. Fresh Start Law Centre is one of the only few firms* in South Africa to concentrate completely on record clearing laws, and our expertise will optimize your chances at a successful expungement process. View Our FREE Member Portal >>

*Fresh Start Law Centre is not a law firm. We are a private firm offering legal administration services.

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Fresh Start Law Centre offers the absolute lowest fixed prices for every single expungement service we offer. We are so sure our expungement prices are the lowest in South Africa, we back every fixed price with a 105% low price guarantee. You not only get the guaranteed low prices but you also get the experience of a firm that focuses only on expungement laws in South Africa.  Why would you pay more of your hard earned money when you don't need to? Find Out More >>